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Hedy de Greef

Hedy de Greef

Hedy de Greef was born in Suriname (South America) but early in her childhood she moved to the Netherlands where she grew up. When living again in Suriname in the early 2000s her drawing and painting qualities where discovered and encouraged by a dear friend.
She was accepted to the Art Academy in Paramaribo and had her first exhibition in the gallery of the Surinamese Museum in Fort Zeelandia Paramaribo. Shortly after finishing the Art Academy she moved back to the Netherlands where she started working with multiple galleries and developed her unique and very recognizable style and colors using mixed media on mainly large canvases.
Hedy paints in her studio, rustically situated on a dairy farm in Emst, close to her hometown Apeldoorn. She started working more and more abstractly, inspired by life experience and (jazz) music, depending on your mood and liking, different things show up every time you watch which makes her paintings very lively and exciting.

Education: Hedy studied at the Fashion Academy in Arnhem. She went to the Art Academy in Paramaribo.

Exhibitions: Zevenaar, Apeldoorn, Beverwijk, Amsterdam, The Hague in Holland

Specials: Hedy de Greef participated in The Hotel Show 2014 at the World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE.


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