Evert den Hartog

Evert den Hartog
Evert den Hartog is a sculptor who followed his training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam. Two of his teachers were: Arie Teeuwisse and Bram Roth. Immediately after his graduation he made mostly ceramic sculptures until he decided to cast sculptures in bronze.
Frequently chosen subjects are people and animals in many variations. Especially birds and bulls. Whith the birds the bronze seems to have no weight. The birds balance on one leg or are connected with just their wing tips floating in the air. Evert: "I always look for an "image" that freezes the moment of tension, so that the viewer can experience this moment consciously." 
He frequently applies humor. It gives his sculptures something cheerful. His sculptures, with their sleek, almost abstracted looks, can only be realized through perfect craftsmanship.
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Cheerful dance