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Elena Prudnikova

Elena Prudnikova

Biography Elena Prudnikova

Elena Prudnikova was born on July 27th, 1987 in Chita. In 1997 Elena graduated from Chita college of music, majoring in fine arts. In 2000-2007 Elena studied in St-Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts named after I.E.Repin, at the faculty of painting (department chaired by S.D.Kichko, V.V.Zagonek), graduated with honours, was marked by a prize from the State Examination Board. Member of the Russian Artist Union from 2008. Gold medal of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, 2007 Prize-winner of the All-Russia Youth Exhibition in Moscow, 2010 Diploma of the winner of the youth exhibition “Hope 8” Russian Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, 2010

2018-2019— Gallery “Felice”, Ootmarsum, the Netherlands.

2018-2019— Gallery “Kunstbrug”, Oldenzaal, the Netherlands. 2015 – International exhibition «Victory». Moscow, Central House of Artists 2014-2013–Exhibitions, Moscow. 2012 – Exhibition «Painting of Russian Artists». Italy, Bulgari, June.
2011 – «Christmas Exhibition» in the gallery «Easel», St. Petersburg 2010 – Exhibition of young artists «Hope 8» CX Saint-Petersburg 2010 – Exhibition «Mother and Child», St. Petersburg Chapel
2010 – All-Russia Youth Exhibition. Moscow, Central House of Artists, 2009 – All-Russia Exhibition «Russia 11». Moscow, Central House of Artists
2008 – Exhibition «My Motherland». Moscow, Central House of Artists
2008 – Exhibition «Russian Landscape». China, Beijing
2008 – The traveling exhibition “Big Volga”
2007 – Exhibition of diploma works. Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
2007 – member of the «Youth Exhibition» at the Union of Artists of Russia. Moscow
2006 – Exhibition «The Art of St. Petersburg», the Netherlands, Delft 2004 – Exhibition «St. Petersburg Days in Italy». Fudzhi
2004 – Exhibition «First visit». Stockholm, the Royal Academy of Arts 2005 – 2016 – «Autumn-Spring» exhibition of the Union of Artists. St-Petersburg 2004 – Exhibition of drawings. Korea, Seoul 2003 – Exhibition of drawings. Lebanon
2003 – Exhibition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Saint-Petersburg. Switzerland, Lugano.


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