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Dominique Prins

Dominique Prins
Dominique Prins is a Dutch artist born in France in 1963. She is autodidact. She experimented with ink drawings and oil, but clay and soapstone were her passion and is known for her bronze cast sculptures and beautiful smooth finish. The main theme of Dominique´s inspiration is "the woman". She is the inexhaustible source of many symbols. Dominique works with this symbolism, without model or picture, and makes use of pure simplicity and exaggeration; which are apparent contradictions. She seeks the boundaries of aesthetics without compromising harmony and elegance, which makes the sculpture more powerful.
Dominique is First Prize winner of ¨ The Concours de Sculpture de la ville du Lavandou, 2010¨ and ¨National Art Days, Amsterdam 2011.¨
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