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Daniëlle van Herk

Daniëlle van Herk

Daniëlle van Herk is a Dutch painter, living in the South of the Netherlands. She studied Textiles and drawing and graphic design and later on in her life interior design. She worked for several years as an interior designer (specialized in colors scheme’s) in her own company Stijl Compagnie. Creativity has always been a common thread in her life and she likes to explore that by doing all kinds of creative workshops like silk-painting, goldsmith, felting, stained glass and photography.

Restyling, decorating and designs are second nature to her. She likes to relocate regularly and then create a new home for her and her family; adapted to the needs of that moment.

But most of all she loves to paint and at this point in her life she is happy to spend much more time at her studio. A day of painting usually starts with a walk in nature companied by her dog. Back at the studio she puts on some music and lets intuition and sensitivity do their job as she comes in a creative flow.
For her the process of creating a painting, the use of material and the development from paint and other (rest) materials on the canvas is the magic. Layer after layer she adds more or less texture and structure, sometimes very quick and powerful and sometimes serene and transparent. It’s her challenge to explore the power of colour but it also interests her what happens if she if she limits herself in the number of colours she wants to use. For example: only black and white or just two or three colours.
Sometimes she uses a very small canvas of just a very big one, or she works in series.

Those experiences are helping her to grow in her artwork and to continue to develop. Her earlier work is brighter and more saturated in colour, while her latest work is more rhythmic and transparent. But always dynamic and powerful.

She likes to work figurative and abstract to give the viewer space to experience the atmosphere and layers of her work and fill in their own feelings and view. The biggest compliment for her is when the viewer constantly discovers new things in her work and is sucked into it, as it were. 

Inspiration comes from her unfiltered sensitivity and eye for detail and ambiance when she is among people or by herself in nature; reflecting her thoughts. Her camera is an important accessory to catch such a moment and she uses the images to support her artwork.

QUOTE: “As an inexorable daydreamer and truly pacifist, I try to make art that will brighten up your day“