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Catherine Villa

Catherine Villa
Catherine Villa is a French painter. She lives in France and is a professional art painter registered with the Maison des Artistes in Paris. The findings of Giacometti's work were a fundamental part of Catherine Villa´s journey, especially when Giacometti made a series of sculptures that represent a clearing where trees would be women and stones, men. Catherine paints their shapes and their footprints that remind us of our origin. Some might see souls, living souls, the roots of life with these long evanescent forms appearing in a light fog. Human beings and their progresses are the focus of her research. Where did we come from? What roots do we have and what fingerprints can we leave behind? Don´t forget that nature is within all of us which ineluctably makes us all part of one.
Catherine applies the diluted oil onto a moistened linen cloth which causes the glaze to overlap.She practiced watercolor techniques for many years in "high humidity", which she now applies to oil. Paint projections give origin to Human Form.  This is reminiscent of cave paintings. Lurking in the depths of the caves, this art is waiting for a ray of light to express itself. Catherine´s approach researches our roots: Men working their caves by pigments stamps, stencils or blowning the pigment. Catherine intervenes less and less with her paintbrush on the canvas and uses different technique like blowing or spraying the pigment. Everything is made with hollow tines, hard brushes, with little direct feels as if her physical presence was forgotten. Catherine wishes to express the maximum emotion with minimal effects.
Expositions:  Paris, Troyes, Mauzac, Tours, Port Fréjus, L'Isle Adam and Marseille in France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Shanghai, Ghangzhou, South Korea, Brazil and USA.
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