Carola Paschold

Carola Paschold

Carola Paschold is a German painter, who lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. The graduate designer studied at the HS Düsseldorf with Prof. Rudi Assmann and has been recognized as a professional, visual artist at the IGBK in Berlin since 1998. She has been an official member of the Malkasten Düsseldorf, the BBK and the GEDOK A 46, and has also been a member of the artist directory of the city of Düsseldorf. Numerous exhibitions and fairs in recent years show their artistic activity.

Pascholds works have always impressed with their compositional self-performance and perfect craftsmanship. Carola Paschold works, thinks and feels in tune with the latest trends. All her works are hand-crafted, sometimes inspired by photographic templates, but never reproducing photos.

The idea underlying Paschold‘s works is something new, attributable more to Postmodernism and to the conceptual relationship between painting and photography. Her paintings cannot be counted as photorealistic, as Paschold uses the paintbrush to break with the illusionistic function of art representing reality, instead totally alienating and abstracting it and thereby creating an autonomous reality.

In Carola Paschold‘s new NY series, her compositional performance has gained even greater weight. Her latest works bear testimony to our fast-paced reality, reflecting the fascination that NY can have on people. They show the creativity, dynamism and above all the energy pervading this city. Looked at from a formal perspective, she uses artistic means which, by way of comparison, take us to new POP ART, though also with touches of street art. But the bottom line is that this is Carola Paschold‘s own distinctive style, an individual and self-inspired artistic expression.

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Summer feeling


The Lady in red


NY-I love You




Night of the prom




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