Anne Hoogland

Anne Hoogland
Anne Hoogland is a Dutch artist who lives in The Netherlands. His unique glass objects are created by cutting special fusion glass and composing of surfaces and connections in pieces and layers with bright glass types and partially and completely translucent glass in various colours. They are supplemented by special glass for a rainbow effect and special glass that have high-tech coatings for a colourful reflection in e.g. gold or silver. Then the layers fusion glass blend together in the glass oven for approximately 24 hours to create a whole new unique colorful glass-fusion creation of one layer. And sometimes the glass objects along with special homemade molds go a second or third time in the glass-oven for their special 3d form.
The ideas, surface division and colour combinations come from practice and experience as a professional photographer for 35 years, which he now processes in the glass, together with his theoretical and practical training in the glass-fusion processing. The unique Glass Art ranges from bowls to standing objects and wall objects. By playing with different illumination angles, the objects have its own dynamics causing the colours tolive and create special 2D and 3D glass objects. All Anne Hoogland´s glass fusion art objectes are one of a kind.
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