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Angelika Poels

Angelika Poels
Angelika Poels is a Dutch artist born in 1970 in Holland. Painting is her vision and her passion. She shows this by converting her ideas to paintings. Her ideas are influenced by the time in which we live. The fast and fleeting images that overlap each other, creating alienation. By always experimenting with new ideas, several ways of turning ideas into paintings arise. After her first year at the School of Drawing in Tilburg and the 5th year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk, Angelika´s ideas are taking shape in which alienation of shapes and bodies is an important element.

Her ambition is to contribute more and more to the social aspect of art in the future and to show the viewer that art is much more than just beautiful and that it can unleash many feelings with the artist himself and with the audience.

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