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Anastasia Vostrezova

Anastasia Vostrezova

Biography Anastasia Vostrezova

Anastasia Vostrezova was born in 1981.
Graduated from the Russian Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg in 2008. Studied at the Department of historical art and restoration. Worked in the museums, copied Rembrandt, Rafael, Simone Martini in the Hermitage. She is a member of Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists.
At the moment Anastasia lives and works in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The dominant theme of her art is the ballet of St.Petersburg. She takes part in the Exhibition in Russia and Europe. Paris, France.


2018-2019— Gallery “Felice”, Ootmarsum, The Netherlands.
2018-2019— Gallery “Kunstbrug”, Oldenzaal, The Netherlands.
2019. Art en Capital’ Paris, France
2015. Art en Capital’ Paris, France.
2014 Montreux, Switzerland
2012. “Art en Capital” Silver Medal. Paris, France.
2011. “Art en Capital” Paris, France.