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Noëlle van der Hagen

Noëlle van der Hagen

Amazement is the core of my work. The magic of wonder you felt when you looked through a kaleidoscope as a child, of when the sun shines through al stained-glass window, the energy that is released when something is successful, when you had a beautiful conversation with someone or when you listen to an great piece of music. Stray for a moment…Everyone recognizes this: enchantment…

I paint with fabric and work with shiny, transparant organza, fabrics with bright colors and shiny yarn. Sometimes 2D, then again 3D. My work arouses curiosity, amazement of the viewer about constantly rediscovering what you see: “is this textile?” Temptation to touch it, to feel it.

Light, color and shine characterize my work. I am constantly experimenting with other possibilities of the material and new techniques, discovering what is possible.
This ultimately results in lightness, openness, color and transparency. Power, movement, rhythm and freedom. Abstract but sometimes also realistic. My work evokes curiosity, but it is also fun and surprising. It is hard to catch. Let yourself be distracted and get lost in my art.

What makes me happy is being creative with head, heart and hands, preferably with jazz music in the background.

During my career in business as a communication trainer and coach I started textile art education. I completed this with a Master Textile Art in the spring of 2019. Since the beginning of 2019 I have been working full-time as a visual artist.


Textile Art 2 years and 1 year Master Textile Art at DIY Textile School Amsterdam
Diversity of workshops: Tilleke Schwarz, Mo Kelman (USA), Textielmuseum, Margherita Soldati
Training Visual Thinking Strategies
Masterclass Textielfestival 2020 at De Lakenhal Leiden
Drawing lessons since 2017 and from 1980 a diversity of workshops on screen printing, etching, different ways of textile manipulation en working with metal

About the light sculptures, made by Noelle van der Hagen and Twan Oei
Who can still be amazed these days? Who else takes the time to take a break wandering from everyday worries? Magic and wonder are the hallmarks of the light sculptures. They have a magical effect when you look at them, partly caused by the special properties of organza, the whimsical, shiny, colorful and transparent cloths that hang in the sculptures. The light sculptures were made in 2021 (except Flow, which is from 2019) and are a joint design by Noëlle van der Hagen and Twan Oei. The design was made at the request of Gallery Dat Bolwerck in Zutphen for a special light exhibition. The light sculptures are made up of a steel frame and a walnut base with incorporated LED lighting. All light sculptures (except Flow) are dimmable with a special LED dimmer. The direction of the lighting can also be adjusted. In the frame hang cloths that are composed of different layers of dozens of leaf-shaped segments of organza, sometimes as many as 50-100 pieces. The thinnest cloths are almost glassy. The composition of the different layers and shapes creates a special effect when light is shining on it. The segments are with colored yarn in different patterns sewn together. The colors and the sewing direction of the thread ensure a specific structure and texture and contribute to the composition matching the theme of the sculpture.
For example, the sculptures based on the seasons all have a different stitching pattern. The whimsical shapes of the colored cloths are created by the construction of steel wire with crimped lead on which the cloths hang. The steel wires and the lead connects the cloths and the steel and the many leads at the bottom of the steel wires keep everything in a subtle balance. The combination of the industrial steel construction with the soft flowing cloth gives a strong contrast. The lighting radiates on the lead and the cloth and creates an enchanting effect. A different atmosphere at any time of the day.
Material: steel, lead, walnut, led, organza, yarn

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