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Hetty Ansing

Hetty Ansing
Hetty Ansing (Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1949) as a child already was fascinated by the subject 'people'. She had the privilege of being taught by a well-known artist from Haarlem. Later on she immersed herself in the art of the aquarel (watercolor). She adopted several techniques and developed a style reminiscent of the paintings called 'fine-painting-art'.

Hetty Ansing would like to introduce you to the tranquil and fascinating world of her intimate still lifes, executed in acrylic. Acrylic is a surprising medium that can be used in powerful modern art expressions as well as in an almost fragile classical setting. Still life has been an interesting artistic resource for centuries. Hetty Ansing approaches her subjects in a contemporary setting with a slightly classical touch. As a result, her paintings can be used in a wide variety of interiors. About the process itself she remarks: "I really love to arrange my subjects in such a way and to tune them in color and tone until a beautiful and balanced composition is created". While she was already known for her fine painting technique with her watercolors, the still life is also about detailing and atmospheric reproduction. She can put all her inspiration, patience and craftsmanship into it.

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