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Heidi Wallheimer

Heidi Wallheimer

Heidi Wallheimer comes from a long line of artists, Breitner being the most well-known. Her mother attended The Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (State Academy of Fine Arts) to attend a Drawing course.
Drawing is in Heidi´s blood and since it is the basis for all art forms, she teaches it aswell. As a toddler, Heidi actively showed interested in drawing and painting, and around the age of seventeen she started pursuing photography. Photography was her father’s passion; learning to see things for what they are.
Everything eventually came together and at the age of thirty-nine, she decided to go to The Rietveld Academy, in Amsterdam where she completed a photography course. During her studies at The Rietveld Academy, she worked on her personal and professional development. This is something that is apparent in all her artistic expressions.
Music also plays an important role in this; she played the violin for seven years and so she learned to present the emotions on canvas.
In her latest series of works on canvas she refers to the “perishable”, the space between heaven and earth, the universe and celestial light. Due to her ability to display a perfect balance between different materials and colour, the viewers often find themselves lost in her works; enjoying the adventure. Her works touch, sparkle, amaze and make viewers happy.

With the series "Between heaven and earth" Heidi Wallheimer creates a world in paint and gold and invites the viewer to get lost in it; an adventure.
Stories from Classical Antiquity, Greek mythology, Icarus is often her theme. For Heidi, the motif is a metaphor for the good or bad of human behavior. She follows a long tradition, but prevents her paintings from being mere confirmation of which are by theme in her personal handwriting with her personal iconographic motifs.
Danaë is the key piece of the exhibition concept: the painting goes back to an example from art history and is also based on a classical myth. Danaë is the daughter of a Greek king, imprisoned by her father to guard her chastity. The god Zeus knows however, to penetrate her room in the form of golden rain and wins her love.
Heidi explored the painterly possibilities of the time. She has depicted her as a defiant bird, focused on its prey, before a deep black background. At the top of the painted figure are large and pasty white and yellow blotches applied: Zeus, playing as in a light of gold over the body of Danaë.

Just as Rembrandt tries to imitate the perfect light, Wallheimer wants to leave matter compete with the light to create a powerful impulse for a very original work.

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Atelier address:
Jan Teulingslaan 63
1187 SH Amstelveen.

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Dutch Luxury Design trading under
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The Netherlands
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