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Geke uit de Bosch

Geke uit de Bosch

Geke uit de Bosch (1965) studied SOL Utrecht in textile work forms, crafts and is a teacher of visual arts.

The first impression of Geke uit de Bosch's work is its open and playful character. She is steadfast in her work and shows that she speaks a language of her own that is nourished by a flowing source of creativity. When you see her work, lines that you don't see in an image otherwise than a drawn line, appear to be formed by wire. This surprises the viewer. It is also striking that the open character of her work is supported by a poetic experience, a jazzy atmosphere.

In recent years she has mainly made seascapes.

Geke has been living on the waterfront, the Wolderwijd in Harderwijk, for a few years now. Every day she experiences the many faces of the water and the vastness of nature. Especially when she is sailing she feels the power, the diversity of colors and the silence of the water and the surrounding landscape. The paintings show the vulnerable person, the small figures in the paintings emphasize that feeling.

The paintings also show the tranquility that nature can radiate. A walk on the beach often gives you a fresh look and an empty head. The color white plays the leading role, along with grayish tones. The paintings can be called lyrical abstract, with a poetic slant.

Often a poem is also added to the painting to intensify the experience of the painting.

In 2007 she won first prize at an international exhibition in Ferrara Italy, 50 artists participated, her work has won 'because of strength and originality'.

She has exhibited in various galleries at home and abroad.

Geke's contact details:

Atelier address:
Waterstadboulevard 92
3846JN Harderwijk.

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