Dick van Dijk

Dick van Dijk

Dick van Dijk has learned to paint in the classical way: from observation, with solid anatomical substantiation, but in his own practice he is mainly interested in what you can omit, can suggest. His work is figurative and inspired by the human figure, but Dick is not looking for realism. He finds his images in photography or the media as a reason or motive. Through painterly discoveries during the work process, he lets go and a more layered reality is created.

Although a specific photo is the starting point, Dick also leaves it as soon as possible. He cuts and pastes an image in his head and directly onto the canvas, he does not sketch first. He (re)searches light, surface and texture and tries things out. Playing with color, he brings new variables into the picture. His choices are about longing, intimacy and freedom.

At the moment Dick has two fascinations: figure compositions and 'hypothetical' portraits. Dick paints many groups of people, in which he is especially interested in the dynamics between the figures, small gestures, gaze directions. Much inspiration comes from choreographed dance. In the last two years he has started to zoom in more on faces (and hands) to achieve a more direct intimacy.

Dick mainly works with oil on canvas. But in 2020, while clearing out his parental home, he discovered a set of wooden panels from antique cabinets. He started painting the 'hypothetical portraits' on the wooden panels, which in turn has led to a different way than working on canvas.

Juni 2024 't Reghthuys - Nieuwkoop ->

2022 First Art Fair – Amsterdam, group exposition
2021 Ruim baan voor de makers, Kunstruim Centrum Oost - Amsterdam, group exposition
2021 Art Eindhoven - Eindhoven
2019 #thejoyofpainting, Loods 6 - Amsterdam, group exposition
2019 Poses en portretten, Galerie De Stoker - Amsterdam, duo exposition
2018 Les artistes hollandais s’experiment a Charolles, Artist in Residence, Charolles, France
2017 Sieraden en Schilderijen, House of Arts & Crafts - Amsterdam, group expositon
2017 Let's dance, Wackers Academie, group exposition
2016 Schilderijen en tekeningen, Atelier Jan Steen – Amsterdam, duo exposition
2015 Final exam exposition Wackers Academie
2012 Schilderijen, foto’s en litho’s, Waag - Amsterdam, duo exposition

2021 Art Guide Amsterdam 2021
2021 Bruxelles Art Vue Human Body is Art
2021 Kunstgids Kunstenaars 2021
2016 De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2016

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