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David Beliën

David Beliën

David Beliën graduated in 2000 from the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg (3D autonomous design and photography). During this study he came across glass, and then started experimenting himself (combinations of types of glass and other materials).
The leading role in his works is assigned to transparency. He plays with the contrast between inside and outside. He seeks a balance between tight monumental shapes and coarse texture.
David Beliën not only wants to be a glass artist, but also a craftsman. The craft of glass blowing requires a fast and extremely precise technique. You should not work in a hurry, but also not too slowly. The glass goes into an oven at around 1150 degrees Celsius. There must be a balance between purposeful action and artistic integrity. David's objects are often sober, quiet. Using ancient alchemical knowledge, he manages to treat the glass in such a way that the question arises whether it is glass or a translucent rock, or perhaps something living? David Beliën wants to create an intrinsic silence in his objects. The object itself may have a concrete effect on people's living space.

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Dutch Luxury Design trading under
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The Netherlands
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Dutch Luxury Design is a brand of Associates Des Arts

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