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Cristina Burgueño

Cristina Burgueño

We cannot extract just one idea from the suggestive work of this Spanish artist (Madrid, 1979). Her paintings are open to multiple interpretations, in such a way that they cease to belong to her to become the property of whoever contemplates, understands, penetrates or gazes, crossing the mirror of representation to find themselves before an ever-fragile truth that verges on the sublime.

Cristina Burgueño’s painting exudes rebelliousness, non-conformism and disobedience to clearly convey to the spectator her intention to forgo external references. Her brush strokes, her art, could be said to have no set destination nor point to a progression where, in the end, we would find the most beautiful object; but that is not the case, they show merging horizons or the illusion of a world seen from her own eyes and from her feelings, in a personal quest around the materia.

She gifts us with poetic, intimate works that she presents in series, mainly directed at the search for human beings’ connections with the metaphysical, with the earth and with themselves. She plays with the vertical and horizontal alignment of the fabrics and vinyls, combining watercolours, acrylics and pastels. The extenuating presence on her canvases or on her painting boards of red hues illustrate her interest in conveying the most primitive emotions: life, death, happiness and pain, eroticism, passion, fire and blood.

Cristina Burgueño took her incipient steps in her artistic career in Dublin, Ireland, in 1999, although it was not until 2010 when she threw herself into painting full time, driven by a need to express herself through paint brushes.

In the early years, she experimented with different pictorial techniques and schools. She cultivated figurative art and the use of a variety of vehicles and materials in her initial works to then focus her search for new styles in the sphere of abstract art. At the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid, she delved deeply into the study and practice of neo-expressionist techniques, abstraction and pictorial colourism. The time she spent at these workshops enabled her to come into contact with other artists interested in the informalism and expressionism of the mid- and late-20th century and, as a result, she joined the core founders of ‘Colectivo Pictor’. She is currently a co-founder of Minotauro Azul, International Group of Visual Arts.

She has shown her paintings in several exhibition rooms in Spain, Mexico, Brussels and Cuba, as well as at art fairs in Spain (Art Fair Malaga 2017), Austria (Salzburg International ArtFair, 2019) and Luxembourg (Luxembourg Art Fair, 2019).


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