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Bianca Ruizendaal

Bianca Ruizendaal

Color through emotion and emotion through color. That is the main drive behind the expressive portraits of artist Bianca Ruizendaal, known as art by BruiZ.
She is a dutch artist, resident in Hilversum.

Faces and emotions are the food of the process in portraying everyone’s unique personality on canvas. Vibrant accents and dynamic shapes become one in a portrait the beholder will not be able to take its’ eyes of. With her paintbrushes and mentality she seeks aesthetic in both people and animals.

She had always been intrigued by aesthetics and texture, but when she first put her paintbrush to canvas, she knew this was about more than just aesthetics: it was a way to put her thoughts and feelings in order. It was a way to retreat from the chaotic physical world and to simply create.

From her curiosity for creating an unique experience for every piece she tends to always seek out new techniques and materials.

She strives for a future in which her art is able to evolve alongside with her artistic mentality.

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