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Axel Veenendaal

Axel Veenendaal

The painter and sculptor Axel Veenendaal (Amsterdam, 1951) was born amidst the scent of oil paint, pencils, pastels, leather, steel and everything that goes with it. From his father he learned to look (perspective, dark/light, etc.), to draw and the principles of painting. Later he made a huge leap forward through the lessons (at an academic level) with the painters Ellen de Meijer (between 2000 and 2008) and Sam Drukker (master classes). This knowledge is again the basis for an extensive self-taught development full of experiments on the field of oil paint, acrylic, tempera, mixed media, zinc, steel, lead, epoxy, fiberglass.

He invented and further developed many techniques himself. In addition to working on his own collection, he has also been passing this knowledge on to his students (now over 35) for more than 17 years in his beautiful studio in Leusden.

He is interested in all disciplines, which is why he divides his work into projects, for example Project Rimon, inspired by the pomegranate. On the occasion of his recent exhibition in Museum Sjoel Elburg, Museum Cards (publisher Bekking & Blitz) were made of his pomegranate series.
Axel regularly makes commissioned work (including portraits). He has been exhibiting for more than 20 years, at home and abroad (France, Germany, Israel).


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