Annet Perdijk

Annet Perdijk

As a self-taught artist, Annet Perdijk (1962) embarked on a journey of discovery in the world of abstract art. In recent years she has developed her own recognizable style through workshops and painting sessions with artists. Without a preconceived plan, just make a start and see what happens under her hands. And create until a painting feels balanced in terms of color, atmosphere and composition, according to Annet.

As an abstract artist, she does not strive to represent reality through her artwork. Instead, she uses shapes, colors, lines, structures and sometimes materials to express her feelings or emotions. By applying layer upon layer of acrylic paint, various varied effects and depth are created in layered and elaborated compositions. This is how a work is brought to 'life'. Carefully chosen color combinations radiate warmth and atmosphere. With a preference for earth colors, but also colorful paintings are part of her collection. Her frames always with a thickness of 4 cm. Powerful, sturdy, robust and ready to hang.
Her paintings do not depict anything recognizable and are probably not always immediately understandable. But that is not her intention. Approach art with your feelings, with emotions and not with your mind is her motto. And if someone is touched by a work; it evokes feelings; Then follow your (He)ART! Only then will a work end up in the right place.

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