Ann Hermans

Ann Hermans
Ann Hermans is a Dutch artist from Maasbree, Holland. After training in the textile art and ceramics she had a very impressive career as a fashion-designer, for twenty-five years. No hasty fashion but special haute couture, with dedication, patience and made with love. Ann always looked for substances and materials that inspired her and showed a commitment to technical perfection. She embarked on an intership with Phillip Sommerville, whom is knows for making royal hats. As a quirky artist she invariably chose a thematic approach to her clothing line. She ended up in her research on the topic of "buttons" with the artist Shinkichi Tajiri, a Japanese sculptor born in America who ended up in The Netherlands via the Cobra movement. Perhaps a turning point in her life, he provided the materials for her latest fashion show in 2001. A harmony of fashion and art. Starting from a classical training, Ann began her quest again through various academies. Hungry for new experiences with teachers and techniques. Constantly alert to develop new perspectives. Modelling with color, working with materials and beautiful bronze sculptures as a result.  A main theme that stands out in Ann Hermans´ lively work is her unquenchable passion. Humans are always present in her work, with all their feelings, exuberant or subdued, pardon or humility, shame or pride. It is her social consciousness that influences her work; emotions, injustice, human suffering, a war in Iraq, a prison in Guantanamo or a mother who loses her child. But it remains primarily intriguing how Ann Hermans always reflects this in her work. Nothing is wasted, forgotten sculptures are provided with some finery, even a new meaning, The surprising sculptures from clay and bronze show looming silhouettes of her couture. Ann wanted to make a simple and clear statement in which content and form are perceived as pure and sincere. 

Ann's contact details:

Atelier address:
Oude-Heldenseweg 8 - b
5993RA Maasbree.

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Dutch Luxury Design trading under
A Thousand Elephants B.V.
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The Netherlands
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