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Alfred Ophof

Alfred Ophof

For Alfred H. Ophof (Amsterdam 1942), painting is a necessity of life. He cannot imagine life without painting or sculpting. His work is distinguished by a great diversity in subject matter and technique. He largely follows the old painting techniques, which results in a high color density and a long durability.. He is always looking for subjects where he adapts his technique. He was trained as a lithographer in Amsterdam, which partly explains his love for detail and probably also partly explains his character.
He takes his sources of inspiration from everyday life and his travels. He stores all these impressions in his memory. He works this out in bed and while driving. That's why he always says 'I paint in bed and in the car'. His work generally does not require woolly stories. It is what it is and he likes to stimulate the viewer's imagination. It sometimes takes a few years for the idea to take shape.

He sculpts in French limestone. He takes his inspiration for this work from the Italian landscape and villages.
When he reached his 16th lustrum, he decided to change course and discover unknown paths for him. So far, that gives him a great sense of liberation. He also works on commission.

His work is in private collections in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, England, Scotland, India, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and the Turkish and Caicos Islands.
Alfred's social media are FB and Instagram.

Alfred's contact details:

Atelier address:
Wilgenlaan 1
1394 JS Nederhorst den Berg

Participation Open Atelier Days:
September 23, 24 and 25, 2023

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