Meteorite Blue

Artist: David Beliën
Product Code: DABG-meteoriteblue
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Transport weight: 15kg
Dimensions: 15cm x 30cm x 30cm

Price: €1.870,00

Meteorite Blue- Meteorites series
Glass blown sculpture
Size: 30 cm

Meteorites series is a series of four glass blown artworks made by David Beliën. When David worked in Železny Brod,
The Czech Republic, not only did he learn the craft, but experienced it is a way of life. Making glass is to be in
equilibrium with the fire and the other three elements. Glassmaking derived from alchemy and only then if the glass is
not mastering the glassmaker it is possible to control it.
David Beliën worked together with many artists, for example with Richard Price with whom he still works. Meanwhile
David's hart became totally set for glass. He has worked in many glaze companies across West America, Hawaii, Sweden
and Finland. David dedicates his life to this ancient art and hopes that he will be able to share as much as experience as
possible with other artists all over the world.

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