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Artist: Marlies Geldof
Product Code: MAGM-oasis
Availability: 1
Dimensions: 3.00cm x 90.00cm x 90.00cm

Price: €2.250,00

This beautiful design artwork is inspired on a calming oasis of beauty and perfection. The golden lines represent the waves of the water in the Oasis. This artwork consists of multiple layers of high gloss resin of a beautiful deep sapphire blue colour. This artwork looks different in every stage of the day. It changes from bright blue to deep blue and almost black at dawn. The beautiful goldleaf details will reflect te light so it wil stand out at night and it will still be a jewel to look at. This gorgeous piece will draw your attention without overpowering a room. (Some vertical lines that are visible in a few pictures are reflection so not part of the artwork.)

Mixed Media on wooden panel with gold painted aluminium rim and a diameter of 90 cm.

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