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Floating sideboard Jennifer

Product Code: RATM-floatingsideboardjennifer
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Dimensions: 63.00cm x 305.00cm x 67.00cm

Price: €37.500,00

1Ranko stands for the unique pieces that I create. Ranko is my name. Objects that I like to bring to life in its simplicity.

The history of gin is the base of this design. The strength is in the source, the antiquity of oakwood
Untouched oakwood planks give shape to the floating sideboard.
Cracks in the planks are filled with a soft resin, which contrasts with the rough cracks in the wood.

The natural seam at the top moves the top deck across the drawer. The drawer opens in its own robust shape.
A steel construction on the inside is hidden, to be able to present the whole in a floating manner.

The design of the interior and the engraved glasses on the inside are filled with resin.
The light that empowers the imagination.

About Gin:
A drink from ancient times.
Pure in its strength, and in its taste.
Comes to life in a piece of furniture.
Shaped in its simplicity with power from nature.

Unique floating sideboard made of oakwood and steel construction with at the inside a decor of engraved glasses with lighteffects in different colours.
Sizes: 305 x 63 x 67 cm

Will be delivered at your place personally, in Holland.

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