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Novel Des Arts is a theme related press & media event. Participants are active in the art and interior industry. They present a new work of art or product, a new collection or innovations in applications, techniques or designs. They want to bring this to the attention of the press & media, industry professionals and (new) relations. Where we always combine online and offline in our approach, the emphasis is - for this time - on online.

The event is recorded digitally, after which we are the first to bring this to the attention of the press & media in an efficient and stylish way to give them insight into these innovations and new applications. In addition, we publish this event, including presentations as a whole on the network platform of Associates Des Arts and on Dutch Luxury Design. We distribute the information about this event through various social media campaigns.

Greater, guaranteed reach
Where you can often only invite a limited number of people to a live event, you can of course inform many more interested parties digitally. In addition, digital content can be easily shared online. Not only on our own channels, but also on those of our Associates and other interested parties. The whole therefore results in a larger, guaranteed reach in an interested target group. Of course, a live event has the charm of face-to-face encounters and probably stimulates a little more senses, but in this rapidly changing world, Novel Des Arts is an excellent alternative for everyone involved!

More information about participation
Do you also want to present your new creation during The Kitchen Edition 2021? For more information about participation, fill in the form below.

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