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Castle Woerden in Woerden, 24th and 25th October, 2020

Cancelled due to corona measures

Gallery Des Arts 2020 would have taken place on the 24th and 25the of October, in the historic Castle Woerden in Woerden.

Woerden has been an important location since time immemorial. First, the Romains found their hotspot because of De Rijn. And later the French, who, while fighting or the water line, left a huge trail of destruction behind. The residents of Woerden certainly must have embraced this Castle, which contributed to their safety and the defense of their living environment. Over the years, this building had various destinations; from prison to clothing warehouse and from hospital to office space.

This Gallery Des Arts has been a very successful and lively experience. Reason for having this again on the agenda for next year. In 2021 we hope to have another Gallery Des Arts in Castle Woerden in Woerden. If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork or interior design products here, please contact us, or call: 0031 (0)202060830.

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