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Wall Art

Product Code: RILS-wallart
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Transport weight: 5kg
Dimensions: 2cm x 100cm x 150cm

Price: €1.150,00

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Rinske about her beautiful WallArt:
"As a child, I was already enthusiastic about the beautiful paintings that my Grandfather J v Raaij exhibited. I was already enthusiastic about them then, and now even more so. In his artworks, colors and gold leaf are the most important carrier of emotion, our most important expression. ..
Within our family there are a lot of beautiful icons left, I have always wanted to do something with them. His art inspired me and that's how I got the idea to incorporate his art collection into my new "Wall Art" design. A Fresco (icon) but made of beautiful rich textiles and gold thread for an interior of today! "

"And it is nice to know that in the past people did not paint in daylight. Granddad v Raaij also painted in the evenings, then the icons become much warmer and more interesting."

Rich durable textile with gold thread.

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