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Tile painting Memento Mori

Artist: Royal Delft
Product Code: RODC-mementomori
Availability: 10
Transport weight: 5kg
Dimensions: 1cm x 75cm x 103cm

Price: €13.500,00

Memento Mori is the counterpart of the famous Carpe Diem. Remember to die or "Remember that someday you will die and appear before God." The recurring belief, hope and love is clearly reflected in this tableau. On the body of the little Christ the tattoo that predicts his future. On his leg he has the crucifixion, on his stomach an old pilgrim tattoo with the Armenian text 'I have truly lived'. This tile painting is a limited edition of which just 10 will be made. The tilepainting comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Sizes: 103 x 75 cm

A limited edition of 10 pieces, with certificate of authenticity

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