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Product Code: MVLD-cricula
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Dimensions: 2cm x 90cm x 110cm

Price: €2.500,00

Wall decoration made of felt. This felt is made of wool from Merino, Angora, Camel and Alpaca.
Mulberry silk, Bombix mori silk cocoons dyed with walnut shells, Cricula trifenestrata cocoons and Antheraea frithi cocoons and hemp fibers.
Sizes: 110 x 90 cm

Special materials come together in this work. Wool from sheep, rabbit, alpaca and camel are felted in 'layers'. The special structures on the surface are formed by felting cocoons of three different butterflies and plant fibers such as hemp

The felt is traditionally made with water, olive soap and muscle power.

Wool is a special fiber: it improves acoustics because the wool dampens and absorbs sound. It is moisture-regulating, dirt-repellent and fire-resistant.


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Dutch Luxury Design trading under
A Thousand Elephants B.V.
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The Netherlands
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